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Change in usage of video media by users

OTT video use grows strongly, while traditional TV continues decline

According to Nielsen the slide in live viewing continued in Q2 2015, down another 4% year-over-year. And it looks like the DVR is not making up the difference. That on-demand viewing time appears to be going OTT. In Nielsen’s new Q2 2015 Total Audience Report the company changed how it […]

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Viewing device preference Adobe v Freewheel

Adobe says TV Everywhere growth strong, but is it?

Adobe says that TV Everywhere growth continued to show solid growth in Q2 2015. However, a closer look at the numbers say otherwise. In the Q2 2015 Adobe Digital Video Report (PDF download) the company focused on the positive, saying year-over-year growth in the number of pay TV subscribers using TV […]

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iPlayer quarterly average usage

iPlayer usage growth healthy, despite reports to the contrary

News reports said that iPlayer usage declined for the first time ever in March. The BBC was quick to point to a reporting error and seasonal effects as being responsible for the decline. The data supports the seasonality decline, but growth in iPlayer usage looks like it could be slowing. […]

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Mobile OTT video access critical to TV Everywhere success

According to the latest Adobe Video Benchmark, the smartphone has overtaken the tablet as the go-to device for video consumption, though mobility only accounts for 30% of accesses overall. However, for TV Everywhere apps mobile OTT video access! According to Adobe, 13.6% of video starts are now instigated from smartphones, […]

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