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CandW discuss SVOD on Pay TV and the decline in live TV

New data suggests that putting SVOD on pay TV set-top boxes could be a smart move by operators. Live TV viewing continues to decline and that viewing is transferring to SVOD. New data from Nielsen shows that live TV viewing continues to decline and, in most age groups, viewing timeshifted […]

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road ahead

4 reasons the SVOD genie won’t go back in the bottle

TV content providers are starting to get cold feet about their relationship with SVOD providers and are threatening to withhold their recent content. Here are 4 reasons this strategy is unlikely to reign in SVOD’s impact on the TV business. Yesterday Charlie Ergen, Dish Network’s CEO, warned TV content providers […]

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Why advanced discovery and recommendations matter

While SVOD revenues boom, pay-per-view slumbers and electronic sales lag. What’s one of the biggest advantage for SVOD? Great content discovery and recommendations. It’s time for transactional VOD to catch up. According DEG, for the year ending Q2 2015 pay-per-view (PPV) and U.S. electronic sales were worth $2B and $1.5B respectively. […]

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Preference for linear TV v on-demand

Big shift in viewer preference from linear TV to on-demand

Anyone uncertain about consumer move away from linear television need look no further than Ericsson’s latest TV and Media Report. Linear TV services get a net promoter score of 10, versus on-demand services which score 36. In its 2015 ConsumerLab TV and Media Report, Ericsson examined consumer satisfaction with traditional […]

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