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screensize and engagement go hand-in-hand

Millennial viewing time with TV 1.5hrs, with mobile/PC 6hrs!

Fragmentation in video consumption is rampant according to new data from Net2TV and SmithGeiger. For millennials this is especial so. Just 18% of their video viewing time is spent with traditional television, with 61% occurring through connected devices. According to the new report TV, Videos and Viewers 2015 from SmithGeiger […]

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ETIA Splash

Four big challenges in multiscreen video distribution

With everyone in the throes of rolling out a multiscreen video solution, it easy to forget that it remains technically very challenging. Here are four big challenges enumerated by four industry insiders that are holding back the multiscreen revolution. At the ETIA conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, I […]

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iPlayer quarterly average usage

iPlayer usage growth healthy, despite reports to the contrary

News reports said that iPlayer usage declined for the first time ever in March. The BBC was quick to point to a reporting error and seasonal effects as being responsible for the decline. The data supports the seasonality decline, but growth in iPlayer usage looks like it could be slowing. […]

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Netflix Recommended TV

Netflix Recommended TV: good ideas (mostly) for TV OEMs to live by

The Netflix Recommended TV program is clearly an attempt by the company to gain a hardware advantage over competitors. However, looking at the program details, smart TV manufacturers would do well to take its guidelines to heart. They just might get more people using the interfaces everyday. The Netflix Recommended TV program was […]

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Pluto TV

nScreenNoise – Pluto TV is linear television for the Internet

Pluto TV made news last year when British satellite broadcaster Sky invested $500,000 in the company, and followed up by participating in a $13M series A round investment with U.S. Ventures and UTC. Why all the interest in LA based Pluto TV? The company brings a uniquely 21st century flavor to […]

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