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AI gone awry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important influence on our daily lives. However, it brings with it a huge potential to cause problems. Algorithms in our lives Algorithms are omnipresent in our lives. A few companies and their algorithms govern the search results and videos that appear in our […]

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Data panel at NAB 2017

Video data doesn’t lie, or does it?

Online video providers are awash in data these days. Sometimes we should listen to what it has to say, and sometimes it might lead us astray. At NAB 2017, I moderated a discussion entitled When Video Is King, Data Rules: How Analytics Puts Companies Ahead of Competitors. I asked the panelists […]

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Customer analytics 101

  Today’s post is from Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics. Mather is a data analytics consulting firm serving clients in many industries around the world. Mr. Lindsay provides concrete steps for any video company looking to leverage customer data to improve the performance of their business. Many companies launch […]

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VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

CandW discuss online video market predictions 2016

We discuss our top predictions for the online video market 2016. Topics include data, Amazon, connect TV, and new linear. Download this episode (right click and save) Data was a big deal in 2015, and I believe it will be an even bigger deal in 2016. Premium TV providers are realizing that […]

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