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CandW discuss YouTube TV price increase and NAB 2019 themes

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Some YouTube TV subscribers will see their subscription go up 43% in June and everyone else will a 25% increase. What impact will such a huge price rise have on the service, the vMVPD industry, and traditional pay TV services? We discuss three of the major themes I saw at NAB 2019.

Chapter 1: YouTube TV hikes prices (1:00)

YouTube TV subscribers were greeted on Wednesday by a good news/bad news email. The good news is that they will receive new channels. The bad news is that they must pay a lot more for the service.

Chapter 2: NAB 2019 theme 1 – AI (11:40)

From the very beginning of the show, it was clear AI was going to be an important topic. However, unlike previous NABs, pragmatism ruled the AI discussion. IBM Watson media and Paywizard exemplify that trend.

Chapter 3: NAB 2019 theme 2 – Cloud (15:10)

Google had a big presence at the conference. The company made it clear it is gunning for Amazon Web Services top spot. Verizon DMS leverage the cloud for the ultimate in redundant solutions.

Chapter 4: NAB 2019 theme 3 – Live streaming (18:15)

Live streaming has become a big issue with a sharp focus on latency and scalability. We discuss solutions from Limelight, Redbee, and Blackbird.


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