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CandW discuss YouTube promises and Brightcove-Ooyala deal

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YouTube made lots of promises to creators and brands in 2018. We discuss if the company kept them and if it matters. Brightcove’s purchase of Ooyala’s OVP seems like a good deal at the right time.

Chapter 1: Did YouTube keep its 2018 promises to brands and creators? (1:50)

In 2018, YouTube made promises to creators and brands to fix the problems both encountered with demonetization and brand safety. We look at how the company did in keeping those promises. Creators were not impressed though they remained on the site. Brands also returned to the site, though it’s not clear YouTube fixed all the problems that drove them away.

Chapter 2: YouTube operating on the 80/20 rule? (8:00)

Will thinks that YouTube gets most of its revenue from the top 20% of creators and has no incentive to take care of the 80% of smaller channels.

Chapter 3: YouTube needs smaller players (11:00)

I’m not sure the YouTube obeys the 80/20 rule (there is no hard data on this.) As well, the appeal of the platform to creators and viewers is that it is an open platform. YouTube needs to be seen to treat all creators equally.

Chapter 4: Brightcove buys Ooyala’s OVP business (16:00)

This week Brightcove announced it was buying the online video platform business of Ooyala. We discuss why the deal is a good one for Brightcove and emblematic of the need for platforms to get bigger. Online video providers are growing too and will need their platform providers to do more.


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