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CandW discuss YouTube’s retrenchment behind ads

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YouTube moved to bolster its video ad business this week by releasing premium movies free ad-supported and moving its originals out from behind the paywall. Does this mean YouTube is abandoning the subscription model altogether?

Chapter 1: YouTube releases premium movies ad-supported (1:15)

YouTube has taken a leaf out of Roku’s book and has made available 100 premium movies like Terminator and Rocky to stream for free ad-supported. It seems like the company is copying Roku’s very successful Roku Channel strategy. Will it work out as well for YouTube as for Roku?

Chapter 2: YouTube bolster Preferred Ad program (4:40)

The decision to deliver the premium movies could be an attempt to bolster the YouTube Preferred Ad program further.

Chapter 3: YouTube originals move in front of the paywall (6:55)

YouTube has spent $100s of millions creating quality originals. Originally, the plan was to use this content to encourage people to sign up for YouTube Premium for $12 per month. The Hollywood Reporter says the company has decided a better model is to monetize this content with ads.

Chapter 4: Is YouTube completely abandoning the subscription model? (10:30)

Without originals to bolster the subscription Premium service can it survive and does YouTube even need it to be successful?


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