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CandW discuss why Comcast Xfinity flex is out-of-step with the market

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Comcast is trying to anchor broadband subscribers with a new broadband video service called Xfinity flex. Unfortunately, the service seems to be out of step with the competition.

Chapter 1: Comcast Xfinity flex (2:00)

The service includes a set-top box, on-demand content, popular SVOD apps, and a $5-a-month charge. We wonder what justifies the subscription fee when similar services are free.

Chapter 2: What Comcast didn’t learn from Sky (7:10)

At first glance, Xfinity flex looks like Sky’s NowTV. However, the two services are poles apart, and that’s bad news for Comcast.

Chapter 3: On-demand with or without ads? (10:50)

Comcast includes much on-demand content with flex. However, it’s not clear how recent the titles are and if they will include ads.

Chapter 4: Why not wait till NBCU app appears (16:00)

The announcement of flex seems rushed. We wonder why not wait until the NBCU app is ready to go early next year.

Chapter 5: Is advertising involved? (18:00)

With a $5-a-month charge, consumers may assume that on-demand content from Comcast will be ad-free. However, it looks like that might not be the case.

Chapter 6: Flex could be a miss (20:00)

All things considered, Will and I aren’t impressed with the prospects for flex’ success.


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