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CandW discuss WarnerMedia 2019 SVOD service, YouTube TV on the World Series

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WarnerMedia plans to boost HBO’s reach by pairing it with content from Turner, and Warner Bros in a 2019 SVOD service. What price will the service be, and can it succeed? YouTube TV is again sponsoring the World Series. Will the investment pay off?

Chapter 1: What content will WarnerMedia tap for 2019 service (1:30)

John Stankey, CEO of AT&T’s WarnerMedia, wants to amp up the appeal of HBO. He plans to launch a new service in late 2019 that is anchored by HBO and augmented with content from Warner Bros and Turner. He’s also closing poor performing direct-to-consumer service like DramaFever. Others may also be on the block. To find out which services may be cut, start listening at about 5 minutes into the podcast.

Chapter 2: What will be the price of the service (8:30)

The price point for the service is critical. WarnerMedia doesn’t have much room to maneuver. HBO Now is already $5 more than Netflix, and Disney CEO Bob Iger says it will introduce its service at a price below Netflix’. Listen to the segment to find out what we think WarnerMedia will charge for the new service.

Chapter 3: YouTube TV sponsors the World Series, again (16:00)

YouTube TV is sponsoring the World Series this year, as it did in 2017. There is a brand promotion behind home plate, including the red and white “play” button that’s almost centered on the screen, emulating the look of a YouTube video. As well, there was an augmented reality screen that appeared above Fenway’s Green Monster in left field.


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