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CandW discuss why there is growth ahead for vMVPDs

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There’s plenty of reasons to believe vMVPDs like Sling TV and Hulu Live have plenty of room for growth. We discuss some of the good things happening that are enabling that growth.

Chapter 1: Will changed his mind about vMVPDs (1:25)

Will has been a skeptic that vMVPDS (skinny bundles) could be successful. However, he has recently changed his mind. He laid out three reasons why:

  • The addition of the four main broadcasters to many services
  • Profitability of the services are not the primary goal of many of the services
  • Viewers are not spending as much time with television, so don’t miss it as much.

Chapter 2: Peak TV, wireless support, YouTube preferred (8:00)

The amount of great content available outside of television is certainly a reason people do not spend as much time with regular TV. T-Mobile will doubtless introduce a TV service it can give away with mobile services, as AT&T is planning. Adding TV inventory to YouTube preferred is a good move as it will boost all the ad inventory value. For all of these reasons, I believe the time has come for vMVPDs.

Chapter 3: Hulu Live looks promising (15:15)

Will thinks Hulu Live is good value. It also is adding local channels and adding features like ad-supported downloads. This should increase its competitiveness with competitors like YouTube TV, which has placed a special emphasis on local channels and a barebones price.

Chapter 4: Reasons to expect more growth for vMVPDs (22:00)

With vMVPDs still in their early adopter stage, it looks like growth could pick up soon. Will thinks Hulu hasn’t really begun to promote Hulu Live and could do well when it does. I think there is another reason vMVPDs are looking more attractive. They include mainstream sports. Before the services it was hard to leave pay TV and still catch the big game. That is not true anymore with vMVPDs.


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