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CandW discuss why sport divides and defines the vMVPD market

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New data shows the surprising finding that sport is more important to vMVPD subs than traditional pay-tv customers. For vMVPDs, the conclusion is both good and bad news, and it also shows that sport has become the great divide in the vMVPD market.

Chapter 1: Sports fans love vMVPDs (1:00)

New Altman-Vilandre data shows the surprising fact that more of the vMVPD subscriber base identifies as sports fans than traditional pay-tv subscribers.

Chapter 2: What people watch online (6:00)

Will other reviews Altman-Vilandre data showing that news is the most important live video category online. Sport also falls behind another popular content type, TV shows and movies. Though sport isn’t watched as much as other genres, it is still a big draw for online viewers and subscribers.

Chapter 3: Which devices people like to use to watch (8:30)

The TV is the preferred viewing screen for video, although 18-34-year-olds use the smartphone almost as much.

Chapter 4: Good news bad news for vMVPDs (10:30)

While sport is s significant draw for vMVPDs, it comes with a sting in the tail. Sport license fees have exploded in the last few years and are a major driver of the license fees service providers pay for sport-oriented TV channels. Sony’s PlayStation Vue likely felt the impact of the trend this week when it reached an agreement with Disney on the carriage of ESPN, and many other channels. I think there is another price increase coming for PS Vue subscribers.

Chapter 5: The demographics of sports viewers (13:40)

Will reviews other Altman-Vilandre data that reveals sports viewers are more likely to have pay-tv and to be higher income. The data strongly suggests pay-tv is becoming an elite rather than everyman service.

Chapter 6: Sport-lite Vidgo contrasts with sport-heavy Vue (14:40)

Vidgo is a new entrant in the vMPVD market. It only has two niche sports channels in its base $15-a-month package. Though it is missing news and local TV too, sport is responsible for much of the price difference with PS Vue. Comparing Vidgo to PS Vue also emphasizes that the vMVPD market a significant between those providing sport and those that do not.

Chapter 6: Awareness of vMVPDs very high (16:30)

More than half of U.S. adults are aware of the existence of YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and Sling TV. The data also shows surprisingly high awareness levels for ESPN+ and YouTube TV, although that could be due to confusion with the more popular ESPN and YouTube.

Vidgo will have a tough time finding its audience against big names like Disney and Hulu. Will and I discuss the importance of live streaming in online video services in general. We also talk about why the Disney bundle of Disney+, Hulu basic, and ESPN+ would be unstoppable if it included Live.


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