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CandW discuss Amazon-Premier League and Disney-Verizon partnerships

VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

Partnerships are critical in furthering any video business’ goals. However, two deals involving Amazon and Disney show both are trying to achieve very different things with their online TV services.

Chapter 1: Amazon uses soccer to grow Prime membership (1:20)

Amazon’s odd-ball basket of 20 Premier League games probably wouldn’t be of much interest to anybody else. However, the two blocks of 10 games are perfect for the e-tail giant, and illustrate well how the company is keeping the “flywheel spinning.”

Chapter 2: Disney leverages Verizon Wireless for a massive sub boost (8:50)

Disney+ will be free for a year to new and existing Verizon Wireless unlimited customers. The challenge will be keeping those customers after the free year is up. A critical component could be getting them to watch on another screen other than their smartphone.


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