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CandW discuss TV service winners and losers

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The average person used five TV services in Q1 2020, 1 more than in Q1 2019. What is driving the increase? Well, it certainly is not pay TV, which accelerated its decline in Q1. So, who are the TV service winners and losers?

Chapter 1: D2C is not enough (1:20)

A new free white paper from nScreenMedia looks at the advantages to a direct-to-consumer service provider of working with pay TV operators. D2C is Not Enough: How pay TV can help drive SVOD/AVOD success includes input from CuriosityStream, Cinedigm, Netflix, HayU, Vevo, and PlayWorks on how Pay TV helped overcome some of D2C’s most significant challenges.

Chapter 2: TV service gainers and losers (2:40)

There was a steep rise in the number of TV services the average person uses, according to a new survey from Hub Entertainment Research. The company asked about services in the following categories:

  • Traditional pay TV
  • vMVPDs
  • Over-the-air antenna users
  • SVOD
  • AVOD
  • TVOD

I discuss which ones are boosting the number of TV services we use, and which ones are dragging the

Chapter 3: Pay TV customers stream more (10:00)

The Hub data also showed that pay TV customers streamed more than on average. We discuss why pay TV subscribers might stream more, as it certainly supports the findings of the white paper nScreenMedia released this week.

Chapter 4: Pay TV customer defections increased in Q1 2020 (12:20)

While there are still tens of millions of pay TV subscribers, the number of people leaving cable increased in the first quarter. It looks like things could get worse later in the year.

Chapter 5: Will Peacock slow the losses for Comcast? (15:00)

Now Peacock is available on Xfinity set-top boxes, the service is proving extremely popular with Comcast video customers. Will wonders if the service will help slow down the number of people leaving Xfinity Video. I point out it’s also available for free to Xfinity broadband customers too.


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