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CandW discuss the top 10 online video stories of 2018

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Recurring themes, like cord-cutting and the move to ad automation, accelerated in 2018. While these issues made the top ten list, they didn’t top it. More important events that exemplify the state of the video entertainment business came out on top.

Two data points that highlight the state of the industry

There are a couple of data points which I feel crystalize the current state of the video entertainment industry.

The first comes from Hub Research. The company asked consumers to name the source of a recently discovered favorite show. 32% said Netflix and 26% said linear TV networks.

The second comes from one of the earliest internet companies, Yahoo. The company is expanding Yahoo Finance to provide live bell-to-bell coverage of the markets. This new strategy brings it into direct competition with cable giants like CNBC. However, to reach the audience, the company feels it doesn’t need a traditional television channel. It will leverage connected TVs and other connected devices. In reading this, you are probably thinking “of course, why would Yahoo do anything else.” But that’s the point. Innovation in content and approach has moved to the Internet.

Now it’s your turn

To learn more about any of the stories we discuss in our top ten enter the company or service name into the search box at the nScreenMedia website. Alternatively, click on the categories listed at the beginning of the story.

Do you disagree with our choices? Did we miss something you think deserves to be on the list? Let us know why at the nScreenMedia or VideoNuze websites. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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