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CandW discuss the top ten online TV stories of 2019

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This week we run down our top 10 stories of the year. Among them, AT&T’s confusing TV strategy and Apple TV+. Is your favorite story included, and what tops the list?

Story #10: Pricing for the planet (1:10)

Story #9: A device vendor jumps into streaming (2:40)

Story #8: The programmers are coming! (4:10)

Story #7: An established streamer gets a new owner (6:25)

Story #6: A confusing TV strategy (8:26)

Story #5: Online TV cheap no more (10:30)

Story #4: An old business model moves online (13:15)

Story #3: Challenges in defining a category (17:50)

Story #2: Out with the old! (21:15)

Story #1: Going all-in on OTT (25:50)


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