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CandW discuss the streaming Super Bowl

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CBS pegged the official number of people streaming the Super Bowl at 2.6 million. However, that way underestimates the real number streaming. We discuss why that is, and how the experience was for most streamers.

 Chapter 1: What is the true number of Super Bowl LIII streamers (1:40)

The official number of Super Bowl streamers did not include those using a vMVPD. Omitting users of services like Sling TV and YouTube TV is a huge problem. Including them almost triples the number of streamers.

Chapter 2: The YouTube TV experience (6:40)

Will streamed the whole game using YouTube TV. He discusses his experience of the game.

Chapter 3: The declining TV audience (8:40)

There was another big decline in the number of people watching the Super Bowl this year through pay TV, vMPVDs, and broadcast. Is it Patriot fatigue driving the decline or something else?


Chapter 3: The mobile Super Bowl experience (12:20)

I used three vMVPDs on my mobile phone over T-Mobile’s data network to watch the game. My experience was very positive, though one service’s video quality was considerably worse than the rest.

Chapter 4: Video latency remains a challenge (14:00)

I observed that the mobile stream of the game was about a down behind the TV action. Other services were much further behind the TV feed of the game.

Chapter 5: Were there any major streaming outages? (15:30)

There only appeared to be one outage, affecting a small number of Roku users.

Chapter 6: vMVPD and other streaming services spend big on ads (16:20)

Google, Netflix, and others spent a lot of money to sponsor and advertise during the Super Bowl. There could be even more streaming advertisers next year.

Chapter 7: Why YouTube TV is likely the leading vMVPD service (17:20)

YouTube isn’t saying how many people subscribe to its TV service. However, I think it is now the leading vMVPD service. Here’s why.


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