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CandW discuss streaming Super Bowl, Disney+, YouTube TV

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This week we talk about the performance of the streaming Super Bowl. Disney+ has almost achieved a goal today that the company set the end of 2020. We also discuss why YouTube TV’s official subscriber count is somewhat underwhelming after three years in the market.

[Note: there were some technical issues with this week’s recording that primarily affect my side of the conversation.]

Chapter 1: How many streamed Super Bowl LIV, and how was the experience? (2:40)

I review the data about the streaming Super Bowl, including the number of streamers, experience, and key metrics like stream start time and latency.

Chapter 2: Disney+ exceeds even optimistic forecasts (8:00)

In the nearly three months since Disney+ launch, the service has almost reached the subscriber goals set for the end of 2020. It is also on the brink of launching internationally in several countries. We discuss what that means for the company and if it can sustain the performance in the long term. Hulu is also doing very well for Disney. It continues to grow its on-demand and vMVPD subscriber base faster than Netflix and others in the market.

Chapter 3: YouTube TV is the third biggest vMVPD (16:40)

Google revealed how many subscribers it has attracted to its YouTube TV vMVPD service after four years in the market. It is the third-largest vMVPD and 11th largest linear pay TV service in the U.S. Though it is now a substantial business, both Will and I are underwhelmed by the performance. We are also surprised since it is among the easiest to use and remains a great deal since includes all local channels and an unlimited network DVR.


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