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CandW discuss Sling as SVOD aggregator, NBCU DTC

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Sling TV said this week it would allow people to subscribe to SVOD services without being a Sling customer. NBCU said it would deliver a DTC service in 2020. What are the merits of both approaches?

Chapter 1: Sling TV and Hulu become SVOD aggregators (2:00)

Hulu confirmed it is becoming an aggregator of SVOD services by stating two potential competitors are really two potential partners. Sling TV also wants to start reselling SVOD services. It has made a radical shift in its market approach which it hopes will it succeed.

Chapter 2: The pluses and minuses of Sling TV’s new approach (13:30)

Will doesn’t see any merit to Sling’s changes in business model. I think it can help Sling TV, though in only some very specific ways.

Chapter 3: NBCU will launch direct-to-consumer in 2020 (17:00)

NBCU says it will introduce a new online video service centered around its content, and including partner content, in 2020. The service will be free to NBCU TV pay TV subscribers. They can also pay a little more and watch the content ad-free. People will also be able to subscribe to the service without a pay TV subscription.

Will thinks this is a good move for NBCU and Comcast. I’m not so sure as I think the company should be doing much more.


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