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CandW discuss shelter-in-place free TV offers from SLING TV, Roku, and Apple

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As we stay home, content providers are stepping up with shelter-in-place free TV offers to keep us informed and entertained. We look at the market-leading Stay in and SLING, Roku’s Home Together, and why Apple TV+ is lagging.

Chapter 1: Stay in and Sling (2:20)

SLING TV is no newcomer to free content. When the shelter-in-place started to come into force, the company launched Stay in and SLING, a program bringing together news and entertainment content for free to help keep us informed and entertained.

Chapter 2: Free SLING content could drive cord-cutting (5:40)

SLING TV went further this week with a program called Happy Hour Across America. The shelter-in-place free TV offer allows people to watch the company’s Blue tier of content for free, without entering any contact or credit card details.

Chapter 3: Other premium providers have free offers (9:20)

HBO, Showtime, EPIX, and many other premium providers are making content available for free. They are mostly doing this by offering extended free viewing periods. The approach isn’t as user friendly as Stay in and SLING as a consumer will need to cancel before the end of the free period, or they will get charged.

Chapter 4: Roku reaches 40 million active users (10:30)

Roku gave a peek at Q1 performance before the official results are released next month. Active Roku accounts increased to 40 million, and gross streaming hours increased by 50% from the same quarter in 2019. However, per active user streaming minutes increased a much smaller 8%. We discuss why the increase was lower than expected.

Chapter 5: Apple TV+ free content (16:00)

Last week, Apple made some of the original content from its TV+ service available for a limited time. There are some interesting shows, but the offer seems a little late and little light to attract much interest.

Chapter 6: Peacock release (19:50)

Comcast customers started to get their hands on Peacock from NBCU this week. The service has plenty of comfort viewing in the free ad-supported tier, and that is what viewers seem to want, according to Alphonso. It says that shows like Modern Family, NCIS, and Grey’s Anatomy are receiving much higher viewing than pre-virus activity.

Alphonso increase in vewing of originals 2020 vs 2019



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