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CandW discuss why the iTunes/Samsung deal is too little too late for Apple

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This week Samsung and Apple agreed to release a new iTunes app exclusively on Samsung Smart TVs. Is this too little too late for Apple?

Chapter 1: The Samsung iTunes deal (1:00)

Apple has reached an agreement with its arch-rival Samsung to begin offering iTunes movies and TV shows on Samsung smart TVs. The agreement also calls for Samsung to support Apple’s Airplay 2, allowing people to cast video from their phone to the TV. The Apple app will allow Samsung Smart TV owners to watch, rent, and buy iTunes movies. They will also be able to search and play content in the app using Samsung’s Bixby assistant.

Chapter 2: How far behind Apple has fallen in video (6:20)

Apple’s iTunes store started ahead of Amazon and is now far behind it for video rentals. Apple TV is also far behind rival streaming media players. The Samsung iTunes app will do little to help it catch up.

Chapter 3: Airplay receives much broader support (14:30)

Apple also has gotten major television manufacturers to support Airplay, its smartphone screencasting solution. However, it is no substitute for the people being able to search and watch directly on the TV.

Chapter 4: Where is Apple’s ad-supported free content app? (17:40)

Other vendors are bringing their customer’s free video, supported by ads, on their devices to drive usage and loyalty. Why isn’t Apple doing the same?

Chapter 5: Does this mean there will be no Apple television? (20:50)

One of the most persistent rumors about Apple is that the company is working on producing a television set. Does the Samsung deal draw a line under that speculation?


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