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CandW discuss if paid Quibi can compete with free YouTube

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Quibi, the premium mobile video service, will release in April of 2020. We discuss if a paid service with ads can compete with entrenched free competition.

Chapter 1: The facts about the Quibi (2:20)

At CES, Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg gave more details about Quibi. I run down the pricing, release date, content, and ad details that the pair divulged.

Chapter 2: Three challenges for Quibi (8:30)

Will lays out three primary challenges he sees for the service:

  1. Competing with free
  2. Targeting the wrong audience
  3. Content is too premium

Chapter 3: Mismatch between exec vision and market need? (13:00)

Ms. Whitman and Mr. Katsenberg believe the opportunity for Quibi is on weekdays between 7 AM and 7 PM. They think people will fill odd, idle moments with Quibi video. However, entrenched competitors like YouTube already occupy those moments, and Quibi versus YouTube isn’t a fair fight.

Chapter 4: Two things Quibi will change before the end of the year (18:50)

Will and I both agree that, as it stands today, Quibi will struggle to find an audience. I suggest two things that the service will change before year’s end to help boost subscribers and create some momentum.


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  1. I agree with your comments Colin and Will. I am a skeptic as well and agree with you regarding their challenges. In particular, the 7-7 service concept. I think the biggest strategic blunder will be that they are starting at such a big scale. They have put too much pressure on themselves to “get it right” in a big way. It will make it harder for them to pivot and to maintain industry credibility if (when) they don’t hit their expectations. Essentially they violated the basic rule of the lean start-up and are going to pay for doing so.

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