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CandW discuss Quibi’s launch and Disney plus stellar growth

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Premium smartphone video service Quibi launched this week. Does it hit the mark, and will it survive? Disney+ reached 50M subscribers. Will it make its 90M by 2024 target three years early?

Chapter 1: Disney+ reaches 50 million subscribers (1:50)

Disney announced that its fledgling direct-to-consumer service had reached 50 million customers in five months. Will calculated the average subscriber add rate between November and February and February and April. He found the service had sustained the same growth rate through both periods, though the state of the country and world was radically different between the two.

Chapter 2: Was Disney sandbagging on their targets? (7:00)

Disney’s goal of 60-90 million subscribers by 2024 seems ridiculous now they have reached 50 million in five months. Was Disney deliberately low-balling their targets?

Chapter 3: New show flow could derail growth (10:20)

We discuss one of the biggest threats to Disney+’s continued success, the flow of new content. Keeping plenty of fresh content coming into the service is the only way to retain the subscribers that the service is winning now. Unfortunately, doing so will be a challenge in the current climate.

Chapter 4: Quibi’s launch and ongoing challenges (13:20)

Quibi’s launch this week seems to have been reasonably successful. The service had one short outage on the first day but has otherwise seemed solid. The experience is good though there are still some problems.

Chapter 5: Three reasons why Quibi’s prospects are bleak (16:30)

I discuss three problems that Quibi will struggle to overcome over the next several months.

Chapter 5: Two things Quibi should do now (22:50)

We offer two suggestions that Quibi should consider doing right away. One will improve the viewing experience. The other will boost users in the short and long-term.


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