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CandW discuss sports OTT opportunity, CTV ad growth stall

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We discuss why sports leagues have an opportunity to deepen engagement and earn more revenue online. Connected TV ad growth stalled in Q4 2019. We dig into the unexpected result and why CTV ads are sure to recover.

Chapter 1: Streaming sports popularity (2:30)

Verizon Media released new survey data in a report entitled Leaders Special Report – Viewing Shifts: How we watch sport. It revealed that more than half of sports fans have paid extra for sports content. It also shows that many have also subscribed to a streaming service.

The data also shows that ad expectations are different online from TV. People expect fewer ads and would prefer providers to innovate less interruptive formats.

As well, the survey shows that many sports fans are somewhat dissatisfied with their streaming service. It turns out they are motivated by more league coverage rather than for a specific team, which could be a big OTT sports opportunity.

Chapter 2: Why leagues, not teams, motivate fans (11:50)

We discuss why leagues and not teams are the big motivation to subscribe to new sports services.

Chapter 3: Why ad innovation is needed (14:00)

Given that consumers expect to see fewer ads, we discuss some of the new approaches we have seen in sports advertising that is less intrusive in the game experience.

Chapter 4: Connected TV ad growth stalls (17:50)

New data from Extreme Reach details the ad splits between the significant screens in our lives in its latest report covering up to Q4 2019. Will and I have tracked consistent growth in connected TV’s ad share over the last year or so. In the fourth quarter, there was an unexpected decline.


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