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CandW discuss online ad view growth, Viacom’s new strategy

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New data suggests there has been a significant expansion in online video ad inventory. Are vMPVD and FAST streamers the reason why? Viacom adjusts strategy to cope with falling TV viewership.

Chapter 1: Freewheel data on ad-view growth (1:20)

Freewheel’s new VMR shows that ad view growth is outstripping view growth. Since the number of ads per break didn’t change it could mean inventory is growing. From where is the extra ad inventory coming?

Chapter 2: Connected TV ad growth and sports (5:00)

The Freewheel data shows a substantial increase in connected TV and live ad views. However, sports influence over live ads appears to be waning.

Chapter 3: Online and TV converging (9:30)

Advertisers and agencies are combining their TV and digital budgets and looking to launch campaigns that span multiple domains.

Chapter 4: Viacom shifting strategy (12:40)

18 to 34-year-olds are rapidly abandoning traditional TV. Viacom, which heavily targets the young with its channel products, has made changes to compensate. We discuss what the company is doing at home and abroad and how it is working to keep existing distribution partners happy. With all the changes, how is Viacom positioned versus digital natives like Roku to capture ad dollars targeting young people?


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