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CandW discuss broadcast’s ad advantage and Euro TV surprise

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In the battle between online versus TV advertising, broadcasters claim a significant benefit over YouTube and other digital platforms. Is the claim justified? European viewers are embracing online TV and now consider it their second most preferred TV source.

Download the report discussed in this podcast (TV Universe – UK, Sweden, Germany: How people watch television today) for free from the nScreenMedia website.

Chapter 1: Broadcasters take the advertising high ground (1:15)

NBCU says its ad inventory is completely brand safe, and that digital can’t offer that. We also discuss some data suggesting brands are taking ad money away from YouTube.

Chapter 2: Safe, premium online ad services (4:00)

There are plenty of brand-safe premium online ad opportunities. I discuss some of the newer entrants to the business. Broadcasters claim a much bigger reach than digital providers. However, Viacom proves traditional TV can’t deliver the numbers without digital.

Chapter 3: YouTube is a flawed but essential ad platform (8:40)

YouTube certainly has its brand-safety problems, but it still has the best reach of any other video platform, including television.

Chapter 4: The problem with counting a view (14:50)

Autoplay video is challenging the value of an online view. However, TV has its own issues with counting views.

Chapter 5: Online TV second most popular TV source in Europe (17:30)

Most people think that free-to-air and pay TV are the most popular sources of television in Europe. However, new research from nScreenMedia (sponsored by Gracenote) shows that online TV is more popular than free-to-air in the UK and Sweden and pay TV in Germany.


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