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CandW discuss the streaming Olympics and its impact on the industry

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Olympics streaming through the NBC Sports App seems to be a hit. In some respects, the experience is better than traditional television. And that is having impacts, both good and bad, throughout the industry.

Chapter 1: Experience with NBC Sports App streaming (1:00)

Both Will and I have been streaming the Olympics a fair bit. My experience has been generally very good. I’ve found it easier to find what I was interested in online than on TV. There were some streaming and app problems during the Rugby 7s final, but otherwise performance has been good. Will agreed saying he too found the app easy to use and the streaming quality good.

Chapter 2: Streaming and TV usage data (4:15)

This week, NBC said it had streamed over 2B minutes, though this hasn’t been enough to offset the decline in linear viewing. Olympics TV viewing has been reported as being between 15% and 30%. BY contrast, Nielsen reports overall TV viewing has declined less since 2012, in the range of 10%. This left us wondering if the availability of all the events online is having a bigger impact on the Rio Olympics than any of the games before.

Will also made the point that far more people are watching online now than four years ago. He mentioned that Netflix had grown strongly over that period. In fact, the company has almost doubled its subscribers since then. (You can always find current Netflix information at the nScreenMedia website.)

I make the point that millennials are watching a third of their video on connected televisions today. This illustrates that it very easy for people to connected with the Olympics online.

Chapter 3: TV Everywhere impacts (9:25)

I’m sure TV Everywhere will see a big increase in authentications during the Olympics, as sports events have done so several times in the past. Sports have also helped people find other shows in the operator TVE apps, helping keep some of the new visitors as permanent users. However, since most have been watching through the NBC Sports app, the Olympics might not have such a permanent positive effect as past events.

Chapter 4: Navigating the TV Olympics (11:00)

My experience with the Dish app for navigating the TV channels to follow the Olympics has not been very good. Will loves the experience with X1, where Comcast has tightly integrated TV channels and digital streaming.

Chapter 5: NBC streaming’s impact on other operators (13:30)

I think that NBC sports streaming of the Olympics might be viewed quite negatively by other operators. It draws people away from television, and gives Comcast a big advantage with the X1 integration. Will agreed to some extent, though he says with NBC doing a good job with the app, it raises the bar for all operators.

Will also thought this might open the door for content providers to offer bonus experiences online for the committed fan. This might be an opportunity to drive additional revenue. Disney is exploring this idea with a new ESPN app using content not available through television.


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