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CandW discuss NAB 2015: attack of the drones!

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Will and I spent the week at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas and our observations of the show form the backbone of today’s podcast. We discuss four broad topics that emerged from the show.

IP and the cloud loomed large on the show floor and in the conference sessions at the show. I talk about two announcements that exemplify this change. The first was that Disney is moving it’s entire production cycle to IP infrastructure with the help of Imagine Communications. The second announcement was that the number one cloud DVR provider Fabrix, which was purchased by Ericsson last year, has been integrated into Ericsson’s television solution. (starting at 1:40 in the podcast)

Will chaired a couple of sessions that dealt with the progress TV Everywhere is making. One fascinating fact that came up was that 61% of millennials watch no regular broadcast channels at all; they watch everything time-shifted. (starting at 6 minutes)

On my TV 2020 panel the evolution of linear television toward “programming a network of 1” was discussed. I relate how Net2TV believes even the shows themselves will adapt to the specific personal watching. Will chimes in with the new announcement that Crackle will begin playing video as soon as the app is launched. The content stream delivered will automatically be customized to the person watching. (starting at 12:40)

Finally, Will was bowled over by the possibilities of drones in the video creation process. It was certainly one of the hottest topics discussed in the halls and corridors of the Las Vegas Convention during the show. (starting at 16:25)

Time: 22 minutes


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