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CandW discuss mobile video downloads and Roku holiday freebie

VideoNuze nScreenMedia podcast

Streamers expect to be able to download videos. Unfortunately, many services don’t support it, and those that do often provide only the basics. Roku delivers a clever freebie for the holidays.

Chapter 1: Mobile video download report (1:00)

This week we discuss results from TV in Your Pocket: Mobile Video Downloading Report, the new free report from nScreenMedia and VideoNuze. Anyone in the industry wishing to understand the state of the art of download can benefit from reading this report.

Chapter 2: Key findings (5:00)

I review some of the key findings from the report. I take a close look at one of the battery of tests to which each service was subject. The ability to set download quality is so important to consumers, yet few services provide good support for it.

Chapter 3: Netflix the feature leader (11:20)

Netflix came late to the download party, but it now has the market-leading feature set. One feature stood out as a significant differentiator.

Chapter 4: Comparing Disney+ and Apple TV+ (14:30)

We assumed that Disney+ and Apple TV+ would benefit from all the work other companies had done on downloads and that their implementations would be outstanding. That was only true in one case.

The report is available immediately for free download.

Chapter 5: Roku’s clever holiday gift (20:00)

Roku announced its second annual stream-a-thon this week. It added new high-profile partners that should make the holidays a true feast for streaming viewers. The move is a clever one and works for everyone involved.


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