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CandW discuss local TV challenges, free online opportunities

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Local TV services are getting help from Google and the station parent company in crossing the digital divide. The time is right for online free ad-supported TV and services are seeing explosive growth.

I was at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco when we recorded this week podcasts. We discuss two major themes at the conference: Local TV and free ad-supported TV (FAST) online

Chapter 1: Two key themes at TVOT (1:00)

Local TV is facing many challenges from the migration of audience viewing to online platforms. FAST ecosystem.

Chapter 2: Google moves to help local news (2:30)

I interviewed Rebekah Dopp, Principal News, and Local Media – Global Partnerships at Google. Ms. Dopp has a long history in the television industry and works with Google as part of the company’s News Initiative. She is helping organizations like The Boston Globe leverage new tools to help them be more efficient and productive. A critical goal of the Google News Initiative is to help journalist thrive in the digital age.

Chapter 3: How STIRR is helping local TV (7:10)

Sinclair Broadcast Group is a significant force in local TV in the US. It has 191 channels in 89 US TV markets. It is working to help the local TV channels cross the digital divide with a new service called STIRR. Adam Ware, GM of STIRR at Sinclair, participated in a panel I moderated focused on the FAST ecosystem. He discussed how the free ad-supported TV service is showcasing local content.

Chapter 4: Advances in the FAST economy (12:00)

Xumo is a linear online ad-supported service that has experienced 60% growth in active users over the last eight months. Fred Doan, VP of Programmatic Ads at Xumo, discussed how the company is dynamically altering the frequency of duration of ad pods in the linear feeds. Also, all six panelists on my Fast panel came out against the idea of doing pre-roll ads before starting a linear channel.

Chapter 5: Can FAST services produces a big TV hit? (17:00)

I have been at several conferences where people stated they didn’t think online FAST services would ever deliver a TV-sized hit show. I asked the six panelists what they thought about the idea of creating a certified TV-style hit.

Chapter 6: Drivers of the FAST ecosystem (20:00)

Why the conditions are right for the explosion of FAST service users.


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