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CandW discuss explosion in IP video, boosting video app engagement

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Live video will absorb 13% of the total IP video load by 2021, according to Cisco. OTT operators need to treat their apps as a video store, and as part of the entertainment!

Chapter 1: Live video explosion by 2021 (1:20)

In the new Cisco VNI forecast, the company sees continued strong growth in IP traffic through 2021. The company says bandwidth will triple between 2016 and 2021, from 96 Exabytes per month (EBM) to 278. Video remains the dominant driver of this growth. In 2016, Internet and IP video occupied 73% of IP traffic, or 70 EBM.^ That share will increase to 82%, or 228 EBM, in 2021.

Live is a big part of that, growing to 13% of the video load by 2021. Will and I discuss some of the drivers for the explosion in live streaming. Most significant is the use of user generated streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Snapchat Live Stories.

Cisco forecasts little growth for virtual and augmented reality of the next five years. Neither Will nor I think there is a strong future for VR in the living room, though I do think it will find wide adoption in more business and medically oriented applications.

Chapter 2: Changing attitudes to the video app (12:40)

I discuss some of the major conclusions from a new free white paper released by nScreenMedia this week. Minding the Store: Why a merchandising mindset is critical to video app success looks at why video providers need to think of their app as a video store, rather than just a guide. To illustrate I discuss how BT has rebuilt its online app to make everything in the interface data driven. This allows it to change merchandising strategy without having to update the app. This is a very powerful approach, and one that every online provider should be emulating.

Chapter 3: Filmstruck on Roku (21:00)

Turner has expanded the availability of its Filmstruck movie service to Roku. You.i TV is the app platform that Turner used to get onto the Roku. Will and I talk about the Filmstruck service, and how the You.i platform really allows the Turner service to shine. I think this is critical, because for services like Filmstruck the browsing experience is part of the entertainment.


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