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CandW discuss what you need to know about IBC 2019

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The show hall and conference sessions at IBC 2019 were full of evidence that the business of online video is maturing. Here are some of the top themes and coolest technology at the show.

Chapter 1: Top themes at IBC 2019 (0:45)

Low latency streaming, multi-CDN, and data with AI/ML processing were all big themes at the show. The huge focus on live sports online served to emphasize the need for low latency streaming. Both came up a lot in discussions on the show floor and in conference sessions in which Colin participated.

Chapter 2: How data is being used to optimize their content libraries (4:50)

One recurring theme in many of the discussion I had at the show was how data is being used to make better use of content in video libraries. I cite three examples and explain what each company is doing and why it matters:

  • Wicket Labs attention index (5:20)
  • Conviva household level content pathing (6:45)
  • Vionlabs movie fingerprints (7:55)

Chapter 3: Three of the coolest things at the show (11:00)

I saw many interesting things at IBC this year. I discuss three of my personal favorites:

  • Access’ Twine Access Car – the ultimate media sharing environment (11:10)
  • VisualOn’ low latency synchronized multi-camera angle streaming (13:20)
  • 3SS’ ultimate personalized TV channel (14:45)

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