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CandW discuss how stay-at-home viewing is reshaping TV

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New data shows the extent to which stay-at-home viewing is reshaping online TV. We discuss how Netflix, Disney+, Sling TV, and others are changing to keep pace with the viewers demands.

Chapter 1: More Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ users increase viewing (6:50)

New data from Hub Entertainment Research shows that more users of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are increasing their viewing than pay TV or Amazon Prime Video users. Many movie and show renters are also renting more PPV videos. Will thinks the increase could be driven by Hollywood advancing the release to digital of many movies slated to go to theaters.

Chapter 2: Disney+, Netflix and new content production (8:00)

With the cessation of content production due to the coronavirus, providers like Netflix and Disney+ are bound to be affected. I discuss why Disney+ is more adversely affected by the situation than Netflix. Production hasn’t wholly halted because some post-production can be done by people while working from home.

Chapter 3: Disney+ could lose subscribers later this year (12:00)

As people look for new content and Disney+ can’t deliver, they might be more disposed to signup for HBO MAX, Peacock, and Quibi when they launch. We discuss if the new services pose a serious threat to Disney+. As unemployment shoots up, we discuss if we might see people canceling one service to sign up for another to keep spending in check.

Chapter 4: Sling TV delivers for free! (17:10)

Sling TV has added free content for people to watch without registering a credit card. The company also announced a special promotion to allow people to watch it’s Blue subscription tier for 14 days for free, with no strings attached. Why aren’t more vMVPDs doing the same?

Chapter 5: Where does live sports consumption go? (18:20)

With the almost total absence of live sports, what are live sports fans doing with their time? Will presents some research that gives us some answers. I explain how Fox is using eNASCAR iRacing to attract many NASCAR fans.



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