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CandW discuss what was hot at NAB 2017

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At NAB 2017, the focus shifted from getting video assets online, to building a profitable online video business. We talk about how that change is impacting companies like CBS. We also talk about new TV Everywhere and connected TV viewing data.

Chapter 1: The big themes at NAB 2017 (1:30)

Past NABs have focused on the mechanics of getting video online. This year, the primary concern was building a profitable business. Vendors wanted to talk about reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving the overall online video service experience.

High dynamic range replaced ultra HD as the hot topic in video quality. There was innovation in abundance, including in the areas of AI assisted metadata creation and interactive video features.

Chapter 2: New data on connected TV (10:10)

New Parks Associates data shows that 25% what is watched on TV is now from online sources, up from 10% in 2010. The company also says almost a quarter of broadband homes don’t have pay TV.

Adobe data confirms the trend in connected viewing on TV.  TV connected device (TVCD) usage for TV Everywhere viewing increased to 32%, up from 20% in Q4 2014. TV connected video starts are now higher than PC browser accesses by 10%.

Chapter 3: Advanced advertising and CBS OTT (19:30)

Will discusses a panel on advanced advertising he moderated at NAB. TV networks are now data enabling their inventory to make it more competitive with digital. He also discusses his conversation with Jim Lanzone, from CBS, about CBSN and CBS All Access. I think that CBS is one of the best positioned networks. The company stands to benefit regardless of what happens in the market with regard to cord-cutting and online video usage.


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