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CandW discuss the real reason HBO Max is not on Roku or Fire TV

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HBO Max is finally here, and it has a ton of great content and an excellent user interface, but you can’t get it on your Roku or Fire TV. It turns out HBO Now could be the big sticking point in negotiations.

Chapter 1: The HBO Max experience (2:10)

AT&T has created an engaging and deep library of content for consumers in HBO Max. The company has also wrapped it HBO Max Friendsin an appealing and functional app. Users can find favorites such as Friends and Big Bang Theory along with classics like The Fresh Prince of Belair and Gone With The Wind. There really is something for everyone in the service.

The app is well constructed, making it easy to browse and watch content. There are useful features like downloading, search, family profiles, and child settings. It is available on a wide selection of devices, with the notable exception of Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

HBO Max Fresh PrinceChapter 2: Not on Roku and Fire TV (12:20)

AT&T’s dispute with Roku and Amazon Fire TV is nothing new. Disney+ was not available on Fire TV when it first launched. Fox and Roku got into an argument just before the Super Bowl, which resulted in the Fox apps removal from the TV operating system, though they were quickly restored.

However, the dispute between AT&T, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku is different. There is an existing agreement between the companies for HBO Now, which has been fruitful for everyone involved. AT&T does not wish to make HBO Max available under the same terms as HBO Now. Amazon and Roku are understandably loath to allow this to happen.

We discuss why HBO Now is such a problem, and how the disagreement will likely end.


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