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CandW discuss falling TV, rising SVOD, OTT quality challenges

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SVOD usage is really beginning to impact the television business. Penetration of the services are the same as the DVR, they’re driving big declines in TV viewing, but many of them still have quality challenges.

Chapter 1: Nielsen Total Audience Report Q1 2016 (2:00)

Nielsen’s data shows that live TV declined overall by 2% in Q1 2016, with the bulk of the decline in the under-24s. DVR viewing also declined 2%, again focused around younger viewers. Meanwhile, connected television usage grew strongly, up 54% overall to 1.5 hours a week.

Chapter 2: Nielsen Netflix show viewing data (5:30)

Nielsen also released data about the viewership of some of the shows on SVOD. The latest season of Orange is the New Black attracted 6.7M views for its premiere in the US, only a little less that Game of Thrones. Seinfeld on Hulu also did well. The show attracted 700K US viewers in the first 5 days of availability.

Chapter 3: Magid Connected TV data (8:00)

Magid said that connected TVs are now used by 74% of survey respondents. Game consoles are still the most used devices, with 33% penetration. However, while game console use is not growing, streaming media player usage is catching up fast, and has 31% penetration. 40% of survey participants would prefer to pay for subscriptions to long form content, 44% would prefer to watch free ad-supported.

Chapter 4: Verizon premium video quality data (11:30)

The Verizon data is focused on premium video experiences. 86% of consumers expect a TV quality experiences across all screens. They are also watching across multiple screens, with 37% of all the time they spend coming from mobile devices. Average premium viewing sessions on mobile are 59 minutes. This plummets to 13 minutes if there are quality problems. A third of people abandoned viewing every other streaming session they started. (Note, I incorrectly state this statistic as 36% in the webinar.)

If you’d like more information on the Verizon data, you can join a free webinar on July 13th at 10AM Pacific. I’ll be discussing the data with a Sinclair and Verizon executes, and they will be sharing their experiences.


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