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CandW discuss Facebook Watch indifference, AI advances

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New data shows that few Facebook users know about Watch and fewer still use it. We look at how AI is being used to retain customers that are thinking of leaving and to program linear TV channels.

Chapter 1: Facebook Watch being used by few (1:50)

New research shows that that 50% of users haven’t heard of Watch and another 24% have heard of it but have never used it. Just 6% of Facebook users use Watch daily, with another 8% using it weekly.

Chapter 2: AI being used to optimize customer engagement (10:40)

The just-announced Paywizard Singula cloud platform analyzes customer data, including billing, profile, demographic, and behavioral information. The “next-best-action-engine” receives this filtered data and uses AI to determine what the provider should do next. It even recommends the best way to reach the customer to execute the action. Finally, the system analyzes how well it did and uses this data to improve its future performance.

Chapter 3: AI programming two nights of BBC Four programming (13:30)

The BBC is turning over programming duties of its BBC Four channel to AI on the evenings of September 4th and 5th. The event, dubbed BBC 4.1, will unleash AI on the programming task in two ways.

The BBC used AI to learn what BBC Four audiences might like to watch based on previous schedules and attributes. It then applied this knowledge to sniff out hidden gems in the BBC archive. It analyzed program information for 250,000 shows dating back to 1953, something that would take hundreds of hours if attempted manually. Researchers and schedulers reviewed the results to pick a selection for broadcast during BBC 4.1.

The BBC also used the same archive-scanning AI to co-create a show…about AI! The experimental TV show – called Made By Machine: When AI Met The Archive – features four segments of archive clips sourced and edited together by the AI. The show’s hosts will be Dr. Hannah Fry and a virtual co-presenter (Max Headroom, perhaps?)


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