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CandW discuss the emerging online ad economy

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At the VideoNuze Online Ad Summit, there was encouraging news for advertisers. The online ad economy is expanding as evidenced by discussions with CBS, Group Nine, and a group of connected TV company execs.

Chapter 1: A quick comment on the two content deals this week (1:00)

Will and I make a quick comment on the decision in the AT&T/Time Warner case and Comcast’s $65B bid for Fox.

Chapter 2: The connected TV’s advantage as an ad platform (2:00)

I moderated a panel discussing the advantages of the connected TV as an ad platform. Comments from Hulu, Roku, and Pluto TV illustrated the power of the platform to advance the cause of online ad-supported media.

Chapter 3: CBS advancing the cause of online video ads (9:10)

David Lawenda, EVP digital sales, and sales strategy at CBS gave a fascinating keynote interview. He was asked about the effort by television providers to reduce ad loads to be more competitive with SVOD. Rather than answer the question directly, he deflected the need for ad load reduction on cable channels.

He also discussed ad-loads and ad-avoidance in CBS All Access and the emerging suite of ad-supported free channels the company is providing.

Chapter 4: Group Nine Media talks ad monetization (17:30)

Group Nine Media owns brands that drive nearly 6 billion views a month online. However, Hayden Lynch, SVP, Ad Solutions & Innovation at Group Nine, says that about 50 million of those views come on their owned-and-operated properties. Hayden went on to say that only about 10-20% of the video views were monetized. Both Will and I are shocked monetization occurs on so little of the companies play activity.


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