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CandW discuss Disney+ impact on the SVOD market

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It has been a week since Disney released all the details for its direct-to-consumer service Disney+. Netflix doesn’t think the new service will impact its business. However, the company could be underestimating Disney+’s impact on it and the rest of the SVOD market.

Chapter 1: Netflix Q1 2019 results (1:00)

Netflix managed to top the performance it put up in Q4 2018. The company exceeded its forecast for subscriber growth by 10%.

Chapter 2: The impact of Disney+ on Netflix (3:30)

Netflix management does not think that Disney+ will have a material effect on its fortunes. However, there certainly looks like it could impact growth in the fourth and first quarters.

Chapter 3: How the $7 price point is a problem for competitors (12:00)

Will was surprised at the $7 price point announced for Disney+. We discuss the likely impact such a low price will have on Netflix, WarnerMedia, and Apple TV+.

Chapter 4: How long can the $7 price last? (15:50)

With Disney+ $3 cheaper than Netflix and $8 cheaper than HBO Now, the price is sure to rise. How long will Disney wait?

Chapter 5: How Disney+ gets to 60M-90M subscribers (19:00)

If Disney+ mainly appeals to homes with children, it will be challenging to get to the same penetration as Netflix in the US. However, Disney+ will be launched globally.


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