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CandW discuss Disney’s need for Fire TV and Hulu’s download feature

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Hulu finally delivered the ability to download shows this week, but you probably can’t use it and might be disappointed with the functionality. Disney usually gets its way in content deals. However, it might not win with Amazon as it struggles to get Disney+ on Fire TV devices.

Chapter 1: Hulu final adds the ability to download videos (1:10)

Hulu promised a year and a half ago to provide the ability to download shows with ads by the summer of 2019. It finally delivered the feature this week, but without support for ads and other severe limitations.

Chapter 2: Few can use the limited download support provided (3:30)

Because the download feature is only available to iOS users that are subscribed to Hulu’s ad-free plan, only 15% of Hulu subs can use it. Those that can take advantage of the feature will be disappointed with the feature’s limited functionality.

Chapter 3: Ad and vMVPD limitations (8:30)

We discuss why it is hard to include ads with video downloads, which might explain why vMVPDs don’t support downloading. That said, Hulu could have purchased a third-party solution and delivered support for ads, Android, and iOS devices much sooner.

Chapter 4: Disney and Amazon (10:30)

Disney has not yet reached an agreement with Amazon to get Disney+ on Fire TV devices. The company must be successful because Fire TV is a crucial device group in the US and the dominant one in Europe.

Chapter 5: The root of the Amazon-Disney disagreement (14:20)

The dispute between Amazon and Disney doesn’t seem to be about Disney+ at all. Instead, Amazon appears to want some of the ad inventory in Disney’s other direct-to-consumer apps. Ads are a key focus of Amazon. For now, the parties appear to be wide apart.

Chapter 6: The partisan nature of Internet TV (16:20)

There is no neutral party in the Internet TV market. All the platform providers have some bias. Even Roku, perhaps the closest to a neutral platform, has The Roku Channel, which competes with other AVOD providers for viewer attention.

Chapter 7: Disney not the big fish in the Internet TV pond (19:30)

In contract negotiations for TV and movies, Disney usually gets its way. However, when it comes to Internet TV, it does not yet wield that type of power.


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