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CandW discuss Disney+ 2023 price, Cheddar success, SVOD spinning

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We discuss what a panel of industry experts had to say about SVOD spinning and Disney+ price in 2023. We also talk about what a Cheddar EVP had to say about the secrets to the millennial news service’s success.

I moderated two discussions at the 2019 TV of Tomorrow Show in New York City this week. The first was entitled The Economics of OTT TV: New Monetization Models and Their Implications. The second was a fireside chat with Melissa Rosenthal, EVP at Cheddar. Highlights from these two events form the basis of today’s podcast.

Chapter 1: SVOD spinning explained (1:00)

Will and I talked about SVOD spinning in a previous podcast. Will recaps the principles he outlined for the practice.

Chapter 2: Is SVOD spinning a new market dynamic (3:40)

Kevin Attrix of Dish Media brought the subject of spinning up during our discussion on the panel. There were other valuable comments on the topic from Mark Garner of A+E Networks, and Paywizard’s Bhavesh Vaghela.

Chapter 3: Disney+ plus pricing today and in 2023 (8:00)

MyBundle.tv’s Jason Cohen aired some strong opinions on why Disney+ was priced so low. I asked the panelists to speculate on what they thought Disney would be charging in 2023.

Chapter 4: The secrets to Cheddar’s success (15:00)

Melissa Rosenthal provided insights into how Cheddar is able to monetize the notoriously difficult millennial generation, how it approaches distribution, and its novel approach to marketing the service.


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