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CandW discuss DirecTV Now realignment, Netflix fact check

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DirecTV Now thinned its tiers and channels, circled the wagons around HBO, and raised prices this week. Good move or bad? Netflix made claims this week which might not stand up to scrutiny.

Chapter 1: DirecTV Now changes its bundles and pricing (1:00)

DirecTV Now dropped its service tiers to two, cut a bunch of popular channels, added HBO as standard, and boosted prices $10 a month. What is the company up to and what does this mean for its future?

Chapter 2: Cable nets suffer in DirecTV Now channel shuffle (7:30)

Wall Street noticed that popular cable networks were dropped from DirecTV Now and punished the TV providers that own the channels.

Chapter 3: An opening for Hulu Live and YouTube TV (12:30)

With DirecTV Now moving to a more niche offering, could this be a big opportunity for Hulu Live and YouTube TV?

Chapter 4: Netflix – “Plenty of room for everyone” (16:00)

Netflix executives have claimed many times – most recently this week – that there is room for everyone in the world online TV and SVOD. Is it true?

Chapter 5: Netflix – users watch two hours per day (20:20)

A Netflix executive claims the average Netflix user is watching two hours of streaming video from the service each day. I looked at why this probably not the case.


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