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CandW discuss new cord-cutter motivations and favored screens

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This week we look at new data that shows continued burgeoning growth in the connected TV market. We also discuss why new cord-cutters are different from those that came before, and why their motivations are driven by the availability of online video services more than ever.

Chapter 1: Freewheel’s connected TV ad growth data (1:30)

In Freewheel’s Q2 2019 Video Monetization Report, the company shows ad views during premium video content continue to grow through the connected TV faster than any other screen. What’s more, viewing through CTV dominates mobile, PCs, and set-top box VOD. CTV also leads in terms of ad completion rates.

Chapter 2: Smartphone the swiss army knife of viewing (5:10)

Though CTV is the preferred screen for premium viewing, people are perfectly happy to watch on mobile if that is all they have available. Ad views through mobile continue to show healthy growth, up 3% year-over-year. As well, long-form and live viewing are just a prevalent on the device as short-form content.

Chapter 3: Roku’s new generations of cord-cutters (6:30)

Though Roku is not known for releasing data reports, the company surveyed 7000 people on their online viewing habits and published the results in the report The New Generation of Cord Cutters. Roku says people cutting the cord from traditional pay TV today are markedly different from those that have come before them. They love live TV, embrace vMVPDs, and watch significantly more streaming video than the average cord-cutter.

The company also describes how the route to becoming a cord-cutter is a two-phase process.

Chapter 4: Why value viewers will lose savings from vMVPDs (12:00)

The new generation of cord-cutters still want to watch live TV but want to save money while continuing to enjoy their favorite channels. However, in the long run, virtual MVPDs will not continue to deliver the value they crave. The same dynamics driving up the cost of cable TV are at work with vMVPDs. Unfortunately, operators like YouTube TV and Sling TV must pass along to customers all the price increases in program license fees.

Chapter 5: Cord cutters increasingly cite online TV as a reason to cut (14:40)

According to new Manatt-Vorhaus data, price and dwindling use of linear TV are the top two reasons people say they cut the traditional pay TV cord. However, online TV is the root of the next four top reasons for leaving. As well, on average people say their preferred screen is the television. However, for the 18 to 34-year-old age group, the smartphone is the preferred screen.

This data supports the idea that traditional pay-tv is becoming a luxury service, not something almost everyone will have. It also illustrates how important the smartphone has become to everyone, especially young people.


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