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CandW discuss connected TV’s impact on NewFronts

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There was lots of ad innovation at this week’s NewFronts from YouTube, Roku, Hulu, and others. Will it be enough to capture a significant chunk of TV ad revenue? With connected TV NewFront impact every, digital may have finally found the key.

Chapter 1: The NewFronts – 10,000 ft view (2:00)

The annual UpFronts is an event where broadcasters present new programming and approaches. The objective is to get advertisers to buy ad time in the new season in blocks. The NewFronts are digitals answer to the UpFronts. Will listened to many of the UpFront presentations and gives his overview of the event.

Chapter 2: Delivering incremental reach (5:00)

Will thought that a key idea in many of the presentations was delivering incremental reach to viewers not engaged with traditional TV. I pushed back on that idea a little because it seemed like some of the presenting companies can deliver sizable audiences unreachable by conventional TV. Connected TV NewFronts impact was also considerable. We discuss with which age groups connected TV particularly resonates. Younger viewers are, of course, most likely to be unreachable through traditional TV.

Chapter 3: Ad targeting and interactivity key themes (9:00)

Since NewFronts are rooted in the digital world, there was a lot of emphasis on data and targeting. Companies announced new products that deliver conversions to purchasing directly from the ad.

Chapter 4: Ad money transferring to digital (10:40)

Will cites data showing that half or more of add buyers are planning to boost spending in digital video at the expense of other budgets (presumably linear TV.) I also discuss data that shows the movement of ad money from linear TV to digital is more than justified. For example, the continued sharp decline in pay TV subscribers is forecast by a cable executive at Comcast, Michael Cavanagh, to persist for the rest of this year.

Chapter 5: YouTube’s NewFront (15:20)

One of the major thrusts of YouTube’s presentation centered around how users create their individual playlist. They pick the creators they watch and follow and check in with them often. Much of that viewing takes place on connected TVs. YouTube told the advertisers that they could connect with actively engaged viewers through the creators.

I point out that clicking on a piece of content starts a virtual channel themed on the original video. As well, there is very high-quality content on YouTube

Chapter 6: YouTube Preferred becomes Select (20:00)

YouTube added more brand-safe content to its Preferred Program and renamed it YouTube Select.


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