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CandW discuss connected TV usage and IBC 2018

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Freewheel’s new Video Monetization Report shows connected TV is driving growth in premium video consumption, at the expense of PCs and TV VOD. Google cast a long shadow at IBC 2018, but original solutions from Make.TV and Wicket Labs still shone through.

Chapter 1: Connected TV usage (1:00)

Connected TV devices and set-top box VOD now account for 57% of all premium video views in the U.S. according to FreeWheel’s Q2 Video Monetization Report. Between them, set-top box VOD (pay TV on-demand) and connected TV drove more than half of premium video views. However, STB VOD lost share over the last year, while connected TV gained. Will thinks is because SVOD is eroding usage of pay TV on-demand.

Nielsen numbers reinforce the huge gains made by connected TV. For example, streaming media player usage has increased by 96% since Q1 2016 to reach 3 hours and 2 mins per week. Streaming media player user watch well over an hour per day on their device.

Chapter 2: Live viewing growth (9:30)

Live viewing got a huge bump in the first half of 2018 from three sporting events: The Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup. Live viewing accounted for a third of all views, and two-thirds of live video was sports.

Chapter 3: IBC 2018 and Google (13:30)

IBC 2018 showed that online video delivery has become mainstream. Much of the conference and activity on the show floor reflected a switched from getting online to building a profitable, thriving business.

Google had a huge presence at the show this year. The company had a big booth right by the entrance to Hall 14. Android TV was everywhere, with many vendors showing products that integrated the technology into their solutions. As well, Google SVP Neal Mohan gave a keynote emphasizing how important YouTube is to European broadcasters.

Chapter 4: Make.TV and Wicket Labs (19:50)

I discuss two of my favorite things at IBC 2018. A new live cloud video solution from Make.TV allows video producers to take full advantage of people with smartphones at big events. People can scan a QR code and have their phone’s video contributed to the Make.TV cloud video router. The producer can easily pick the best view and add it to the broadcast. Wicket Labs has developed a new customer happiness index or CHI. The company unifies data from throughout the video service’s technology platform to calculate a CHI value for each subscriber. The index can help optimize many aspects of a video business.


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