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CandW discuss connected TV advertising with Roku

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Roku is leading the charge into free ad-supported television (FAST) with The Roku Channel. We discuss the growing and evolving market for connected TV advertising with Roku’s director of ad research.

In this interview with Dan Robbins, Director of Advertising and Programming Research at Roku, he discusses how Roku views the connected TV ad market. He also talks about the MPP, Nielsen ad measurement, Roku Channel ad breaks, and much more.

Chapter 1: Roku’s performance in 2018 (1:00)

Roku had a great 2018. We discuss the results.

Chapter 2: Defining connected TV advertising (2:30)

Roku uses the IAB’s definition for connected TV. Essentially it means getting movies and TV shows over the Internet and onto the TV screen. Mr. Robbins tell us who in the agencies owns the connected TV ad buy.

Chapter 3: Differentiating linear TV ads with digital (3:30)

Now that connected TV is competing with traditional Mr. Robbins explains why it is a better option than traditional TV advertising.

Chapter 4: How data drives Roku business (6:20)

Roku is a data company, according to Mr. Robbins. He explains why.

Chapter 5: The Roku Measurement Partner Program (7:00)

The Roku MPP helps simplifies how brands and publishers can quantify the performance of their campaigns on Roku. We also discuss how attribution has become increasingly important in advertising.

Chapter 6: MPP performance (10:50)

Mr. Robbins tells us how the MPP has been performing and discusses a campaign with a cruise line to illustrate his point.

Chapter 7: Embracing traditional TV ad measurement (12:40)

Roku has integrated Nielsen digital ad ratings. Mr. Robbins explains what this means to TV advertisers. He also talks about if the approach is accelerating the transition of TV ad revenue to digital.

Chapter 8: On Roku Channel ad breaks (16:00)

The Roku Channel has been a big hit for the company. Mr. Robbins explains how the company goes about setting the ad load.

Chapter 9: On becoming “the operating system for television” (10:00)

The combination of Roku players, sticks, and TVs gives the company a big advantage. Mr. Robbins explains other advantages.

Chapter 10: One key connected TV challenge (22:00)

We ask Mr. Robbins what one connected TV challenge he would like to wish away.


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