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CandW discuss AT&T name game, SMP slump, dueling TVOD data

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AT&T continues to monkey with video product names. This week it was DirecTV Now’s turn. Streaming media player growth has stalled, but smart TVs are picking up the slack. New data on TVOD conflicts with other reports and market trends.

Chapter 1: DirecTV Now becomes AT&T TV Now (0:30)

AT&T is moving to align its video product names around the corporate brand. This week it was DirecTV Now’s turn to get renamed. Will the name changes help customers figure out the right product for them, or will it just confuse them?

Chapter 2: Streaming media player and smart TV growth (5:30)

New data from Parks Associates and comScore agree that streaming media player growth has slowed to almost a standstill. However, connected TV penetration is still growing actively, driven by smart TVs.

Chapter 3: Transactional VOD (TVOD) performance around the world (13:40)

New data from Limelight Networks says that the renting and buying of movies and TV shows remains very popular. The report singled out German consumers as leaders, with US and UK adults well behind.

Chapter 4: Conflicting TVOD data (18:10)

nScreenMedia ran surveys in Europe in the first quarter of 2019. The results conflict with the findings of Limelight. The free TV Universe report publishes the survey results and shows that the UK is a leading TVOD market with Germany well behind.


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