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CandW discuss Comcast Q2 results: Is X1 a factor?

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Comcast turned in some very good Q2 2015 results this week, including slimming the loss they typically see in this quarter. Will talks about the impact X1 may be having in helping to reduce the losses. Will also thought that customers were moving from triple play toward double play as they drop phone service and focus on broadband and video.

Will loves X1, characterizing it as modern, fast and easy to use. He thinks there is an opportunity to improve it by including OTT services. This is something that I have recommended Comcast do. Particularly, I’m amazed Comcast hasn’t integrated Hulu into X1, as Comcast is a joint owner of Hulu.

Will thought that Verizon’s weak results (a small gain in Q2) and Netflix’ strong results could amount to an indication of a real shift. However, Comcast ‘ numbers seem to buck that trend.

Comcast’s new service, called Stream, targeting millennials could also factor into the video mix going forward. I thought that restricting most of the content to in-home use will be a problem. This, of course, is a problem with Comcast’s TV Everywhere service, which even requires users to have two apps, one for in-home and one for out-of-home.

Finally, I mention a statement by Ajit Pai, FCC Commissioner, that he will not support a change in the definition of MVPD to accommodate online providers.

1:00 Comcast q2 results
5.40 Questioning X1’s impact
7:20 Singing the praises of X1
11:10 What Verizon and Netflix results may mean
12:50 Comcast Stream
16:00 TV Everywhere marketing blitz problems
18:35 An FCC commissioner says no to redefining MVPDs to include OTT providers


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