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CandW discuss TV Connect and Advance Ad Conference

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The ground is shifting under the television and advertising markets. In this week’s podcast, we discuss what we heard at TV Connect in London and the Advanced Advertising conference in NYC.

Chapter 1: TV Connect – from multiscreen to experience (2:10)

At TV Connect the conversation has moved on from figuring out multiscreen distribution of video. There was much more focus at this year’s show on creating a great user experience, especially when it comes to the TV app interface.

Chapter 2: TV Connect – Local broadcasters competing with global SVOD (6:00)

Local and national broadcasters at the show were airing their concerns about how they compete with global SVOD providers like Netflix. Companies like the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are seeing substantial drops in viewing for linear TV, and much of that viewing is transferring to SVOD services.

Chapter 3: Data Champions – Personal data security (7:45)

While the US backs away from personal data privacy and security, the EU is doubling down. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens rules protecting consumer personal data. It also increases fines on companies collecting and storing the data for breaches. The GDPR has global implications, because any company storing data from an EU citizen must obey the rules. Fines can be between 2-4% of global revenues.

Chapter 4: Advanced Ad – Prevalence of data (10:50)

Data was also a strong theme at the Advanced Advertising conference. However, there it was in service of providing more targeted advertising. The consensus was that Facebook and Google’s reach and user insights give both companies a huge advantage. However, broadcasters are stepping up with Open AP, which should enable more precise buying. Many were nostalgic for the simpler world of Nielsen ratings.

Chapter 5: Advanced Ad – YouTube brand safety issues (11:00)

Advertisers are rightfully angry that their ads are showing up against questionable content such as ISIS videos on YouTube. This could be an opening for TV networks, who will claim ads on their networks are always brand safe.

Chapter 6: Advanced Ad – The ad business has never been more complicated (16:00)

Many reasons were cited for the ad market becoming more complicated, including: fragmented audiences, measurement issues, ad-free viewing, multiple devices, trust issues, and bot traffic. It does not help that Facebook has admitted twice that it was miscalculating ad impressions.

I wondered why programmatic had not simplified things. Will said that is the promise of the technology, but that it has yet to be realized.

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