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CandW discuss shelter-in-place impact on AVOD/SVOD

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Shelter-in-place orders are having a dramatic impact on our viewing behavior. We discuss the positive and negative effects on SVOD and AVOD services and why AVOD seems more likely to do well.

Chapter 1: Governments implore SVOD to cut quality (1:15)

Governments are asking video services like Netflix to reduce the quality of their video to save bandwidth. I explain why this makes video downloading essential and why you should sign up for our free webinar The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Video Downloads taking place on March 24, 2020.

Chapter 2:  The impact of shelter-in-place on AVOD (3:30)

Will thinks that AVOD is much more likely to benefit from the current crisis than SVOD. The collapse of live sports is leaving advertisers with a need to reach sports viewers some other way. AVOD and free ad-supported TV (FAST) services seem like an excellent place to go to reach them. Will has heard that advertisers have redirected some of their ad buys to AVOD/FAST. However, much remains on the sidelines.

Chapter 3: AVOD/FAST services well positioned to deliver the audience (7:30)

Ad-supported online TV providers are already servicing tens of millions of viewers each month. As well, Pluto TV is reporting considerable increases in engagement, particularly in the news category.

Chapter 4: SVOD faces unique challenges (11:00)

SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video seem to face more challenges than AVOD/FAST. They must deal with production pauses that will slow the delivery of new content into the service. That can negatively impact customer growth and retention. I lay out four things that the SVOD providers can do to alleviate the production logjam.

Chapter 5: The impact on pay TV (17:30)

In the past, crises had people hunkering down with their pay TV subscriptions. Today, it is a very different situation. Viewers have many choices, both for free and paid content, and if they need to tighten their belts, pay TV is the most expensive service of all.

Chapter 6: Moving TV ad spend to digital (21:15)

Billions of ad dollars are wrapped up in live sports. Much of the inventory could move to digital services. Could this be the moment when TV advertisers take digital seriously and permanently shift a substantial amount of their spending?


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