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CandW discuss AT&T’s impact on the vMVPD industry

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AT&T signaled in advance that it would end promotions for DirecTV NOW and it had the expected impact on Q4 subscribers. What will the company do next and what does it mean for the vMVPD industry?

Chapter 1: DirecTV Now loses subs in Q4 2018 (1:40)

Will breaks down the Q4 results for DirecTV NOW and why they were so bad.

Chapter 2: Sling TV, YouTube TV, and the rest (6:40)

I look at the likely performance of Sling TV (Dish will not announce results for a couple of weeks). I also breakdown how YouTube TV and the other services are doing and provide an estimate for the total number of vMVPD subscribers.

Chapter 3: The impact of promotions on subscribers (12:00)

AT&T’s removal of promotions with DirecTV NOW shows the true impact the strategy was having on subscriber numbers.

Chapter 4: AT&T helping vMVPDs to be more scalable? (16:10)

Can AT&T’s usage-based pricing effort for TV channels have a meaningful impact on how much vMVPD providers must pay for content?

Chapter 5: AT&T’s high-wire act (20:00)

AT&T is walking a tight-rope between managing debt, dealing with competition, and keeping customers happy. Can they make it to the other side?


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